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How to use blackboard tools such as Brush, Text, Image, Eraser, Laser, and more?

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Neukol is equipped with a multifunctional blackboard for teachers to better teach with the help of blackboard tools. You can find all the tools on the left side of the blackboard.


Use the brush and write everything on the blackboard.


Click the text, then insert a text box in any area of the blackboard to add text content.


You can use the feature to upload pictures to the blackboard. It supports code scanning upload and local upload.

Scan code and upload: scan code with a mobile phone or iPad and select the file to upload.

Local upload: directly select from local files to upload.

Note: The picture uploaded on the blackboard can be moved, resized, rotated or deleted.


Click the eraser, press and hold to cover the area you want to erase to clear the pattern and text of the area (excluding Image).


Click 「Clear」to delete all handwriting on the blackboard.

Note: Handwritings on the file you're sharing can also be cleared.


When you explain materials (Image, PPT, PDF, Doc), the laser can make students follow you well.


For example, if you uploaded a picture, click 「undo」 to withdraw the picture, and then click 「redo」 to reappear the picture.

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