Sharing files in the class

How to share files with students in the class and what can be shared.

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Sometimes you may need to share some files with students in your class.

Type of files you can share




.ppt .pptx


.doc .docx


.png .bmp .jpeg .jpg




.mp4 .mov

How to share files

First, open Cloud.

Next, click the file you're going to share, then you can see it on the blackboard.

If you want to stop sharing, click 「x」.

Note: You need to upload files to the Cloud before sharing them in your class.

What can you do in file-sharing

Switch between blackboard and files

You can choose which one to show on the stage by clicking a certain file name or Blackboard button.

Note: At most 5 files can be shared at a time.

Change page

If you are sharing documents, scroll up and down to change pages, or use the two buttons to move to the previous or next page.

Move and resize file window

If the file window is not maximized, drag the window anywhere on the blackboard. You can also resize the file window as you wish.

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