Sharing screen in the class

How to show screen with students/participants; How to share screen

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How to share screen?

First, click 「Share」.

Next, click 「Start Sharing」. Then your students can see your screen on their devices.

Tip: Clear pattern is recommended if your network is stable enough. If your network is unstable, then Flow Pattern is a better choice.

If you want to stop sharing, click 「End Sharing」.

How to share computer audio during screen sharing?

Click the triangle icon on Share, and open 「Share sound」.

Set the seating area

While sharing the screen, the seating area can be changed to different modes.

Fixed View

In Fixed View, the seating area remains on the right of your screen.

Float View

In Float View, the seating area turns smaller. You and your students can move it on your screen. You can also choose to see the host only, further reducing the seating area.

Hide/Show seating area

If you don't want to show the seating area while sharing the screen, just click here to hide it. And click here again, the seating area will be restored.

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