Explanation of terms

Page, slide: Refers to a page of a PPT slide. The previous page is the back page and the next page is the forward page.

Step: Refers to the steps displayed by mouse clicks (keyboard presses) on a page. A previous step is a step back and a next step is a step forward.

Transitions effect: animation effect when switching from page to page.

Animation effects: they are animation effects used in the elements of a page of slides, for example: fly-in fly-out animation effects.

Multimedia: refers to multimedia content such as audio, video and flash in insert pages.

Sound effects: audio played in conjunction with toggle motion or motion effects.

Animated images (gifs): an image in gif format that plays automatically and supports transparent backgrounds.

Production specifications

Office version

  • It is recommended that PowerPoint 2013 and above be used to produce the PPT.

Size of courseware

  • it is recommended that the couPowerPoint 2013 and above are recommended to

  • PPT size not exceeding 100Mb

Content not supported or not recommended

  • does not support flash animation (SWF format files);

  • does not support wav, Ogg type audio;

  • not recommended for gifs larger than 1Mb, too large can cause lag, splash screen or flashback on low-performance machines;

  • does not support image files in SVG, jp2, BMP, etc., only formats with good compatibility such as png, jpg, gif;

  • notes are not supported. Notes may cause page motion effects to fail;

Text content specification

  • Font selection

    1. To ensure consistent presentation of content at each end, it is recommended that the system's own Chinese or English fonts be used in preference.

      1. Suggested fonts for mixed text: Microsoft elegant black, bold, Song, equivocal, italics.

      2. Suggested fonts for English text: Verdana、Calibri、Courier New、Times New Roman、Georgia

  • Text format

    1. Distributed text alignment is not supported;

    2. Because Office has differences in compatibility, to ensure maximum compatibility the text box should be more(bigger) than the text content to ensure that no line breaks occur under each version

    3. Multiple fonts are not available in a single text box, which can lead to misaligned conversion text

    4. Advanced text effects (text animation, 3D effects, etc.) are not available;

    5. Use __ (key combination "shift" + "-") for underlining in fill-in-the-blank questions, space + underline style will cause page misalignment

    6. Text alignment uses the text box alignment method, it is not recommended to set the line height for content alignment;

Notes on image insertion

  • Avoid editing gifs using the PowerPoint image editing function, which can cause animated gifs to not play;

  • Unwanted content and elements need to be removed, element invisibility is not supported, otherwise, there is a risk that normal content may be affected;

  • Very large HD images are not supported, the conversion will automatically adapt the image to the process, which will result in a loss of clarity after conversion. It is recommended to use an image of similar size to the PPT display;

  • It is not recommended to insert shapes larger than 2 times the size of the PPT display. Too large may result in transcoding failure.

Notes on audio-video insertion

  • Insert video in MP4 format only, resolution 720P and below;

  • Audio does not support setting a custom start and end time and currently only supports playback from the beginning;

  • Video elements do not support shape effects (shape fill, shape outline, etc.);

  1. The video does not support autoplay, here is the solution:

    1. Right click the video

    2. Click 'Start', select 'In Click Sequence'

2. Pages containing videos do not support motion effects;

3. Invalid links to audio control elements will result in transcoding failure;

Slide Show Notes

  • Loop show, narration and animation are not supported during showing; refer to the following diagram for a solution.

Transitions Notes

  • It is recommended that transitions be used sparingly or not at all, with a duration of no more than 1 second. Solution: change 'duration' to 1.00 or less in the 'Transitions' option;

  • Autoplay is not supported. Solution: Check 'On Mouse Click' in the 'Transitions' option;

  • Switching between dynamic sounds is not supported. Solution: Set "Sound" in the "Transitions" option to: 'No Sound';

Recommended settings:

Notes on animation effects

  • Continuous short audio (within 5 seconds) playback is not supported, Solution: use longer full audio;

  • Permanent animation with pause on click effect is not supported, e.g. the lottery achieved by the carousel effect is suggested to be replaced by opening a treasure box or smashing eggs, etc.;

  • Does not support animation effects on text, which can lead to display anomalies.;

  • Click events against text are not triggered. Solution: Make the text box the subject of the click event;

  • It is recommended to have no more than 10 animations on a single page, too many can lead to performance degradation;

  • Does not support the combination of elements after adding dynamic effects, solution: add dynamic effects to the combination after the combination;

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