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(As a Student)Use replay/playback and snapshot to review the class

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The replay and snapshots of the class are the resources you can use to review your class.


Neukol supports teachers recording their classes and will generate replay for them after the class. You can access the replay with your teacher's permission.

There are two ways for teachers to record a class: Cloud recording and Local recording, which lead to different paths for you to watch the replay.

Replay of Cloud recording

Once given permission, you will be able to find the replay here in Neukol.

Replay of Local recording

If teachers chooses Local recording, the replay will be saved on their computers and you can't find it in Neukol. So, if you need to watch the replay, contact your teacher.


You can take snapshots during the class, and use them to review what you have learned. Here is where to find your snapshots.

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