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How to interact with students by seating tools. #Seating Area #Student window #Toolkit in seating area #On stage

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The seating area is on the right of the classroom. You(as a teacher) can interact with students here.

·Normal/One Row View

·Hide/Show Seating Area

·Move the seat

·Fixed view(on Screenshare mode)

·Float view(on Screenshare mode)






Seating Area Layout

Normal/One Row View

In the Normal View, up to 8 students can be displayed at the same time.

In the One Row View, up to 15 students can be displayed at the same time.

Hide/Show seating area

You can hide or show the seating area by clicking this.

Move the seat

You(as a teacher/assistant teacher) can drag the window to change the seat of anyone.

Fixed view(on Screenshare mode)

In Fixed View, the seating area remains on the right of your screen. Up to 3 students can be displayed at the same time.

Float view(on Screenshare mode)

In Float View, the seating area turns smaller. You and your students can move it on your screen. You can also choose to see the host only, further reducing the seating area.

Toolkit in Seating Area

Rename(oneself only)

Each one in the room can re-edit their own name here.


You can click here to mute or unmute one student


You can click here to reward one student


You can click here to authorize or unauthorize one student

More about authorization: Authorizing students

On stage

You can drag the anyone's window on stage or double click the window

You can also resize the window

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