After entering the class, you can find the tools at the bottom of the stage. Then start using these interactive tools.


Set the time to start the timer. Support advance reminder.


Click the Stopwatch to start timing.


Set the number of answers and start Responder. Students click 「answer」 within the specified time to answer, and then you can see the name below.


Set the correct options (options can be added or reduced) and click 「Start」 to monitor the answer statistics and answer details. Click the button below to end the answer.


Only one click on the dice can show the number of points. For example, mark the students in turn, and ask the number of students to answer the questions when the dice appear his number.


Click 「Tools」-「A-board」to open your A-board. A-board has 3 stages: Preparing stage, Answering stage, Marking stage.

  • Preparing stage

Only teachers can see the A-board window. You can write or draw in the small window, and click 「open」 to despatch it to all students.

  • Answering stage

After despatched, you and your students can see the reminder 'A-board opened. Start answering' Then students can answer the question on their A-board. You can switch the window to see the answering status. If students finished answering, click「collect」.

  • Marking stage

After collecting, you and your students can see the reminder 'A-board collected. Start marking' In this stage, students can also see the current marking scene and the corresponding student (being marked).

What's next?

Authorize students

Reward students

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