While using Neukol, you need to know what hardware and network Neukol needs, and what external devices you can choose to improve your online class experience,

Supported hardware


Operation System

Applicable Model

iPhone & iPad

iOS 13 and above

iPhone 7 and above;

iPad 5 and above;

iPad mini 5 and above;

iPad Pro;

iPad Air 3 and above;


macOS 10.13 and above

MacBook Air/Pro 2015 and above


Operation System

Compatible CPU


Android 8.0 and above

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Above;

Qualcomm Snapdragon 750 and above;

Kirin 970 and above


win 7 sp1 and above

i5 3rd generation and above (Definition: 2k and below)

i7 3rd generation and above (Definition: 2k and below)

Network requirement

To make sure that you have a smooth online class, the connection speed needs to be around 10mbps.

If you use a computer for classes, a wired network connection is recommended, which is more stable. If you choose a wireless network connection, please be sure to stay close to the router to ensure a smooth network connection.

When you are in the Neukol classroom, please do not share the network with others as the network may be occupied.

External devices

You can also choose some external devices to improve your class experience.

  • Earphone

Earphones can help you hear more clearly, so an earphone is recommended if there are some noises around while having a class.

  • Camera

If you use a laptop, the built-in camera is enough for most cases. But if you need to show more details to the participants, an external camera is recommended so that others can see you more clearly.

If you are using a desktop computer without a built-in camera, then an external camera may be necessary.

  • Writing pad

If you teach math, physics and classes alike, a writing pad is recommended as you can write formulas on it, which is more convenient than inputting texts on the blackboard.

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